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Our Story: Transforming Your Brand with Passion & Creativity

At Uniqa, our passion for creative transformation drives our story.


Backed by over 22 years of experience in establishing firms in NYC, specializing in branding, customer and employee experience, product and service design, and innovative transformation, our founder united with a vision to spark global digital growth.

When working with us, you'll experience the heart and soul we pour into every project. As we live and breathe the dynamic business world, our primary goal is to infuse emotion and energy into your brand, creating moments of genuine connection with your customers.

At uniqa, we believe in design's power to not just make products look good but resonate deeply with your audience. We know that happy employees pass that joy onto customers, and our service design aims to make these interactions seamless and memorable.

We take pride in helping you ride the emotional waves of creativity and innovation, transforming your aspirations into reality. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring your continued growth in the digital realm.

The way we do things:

Uniqa's Innovative Approach to Creativity & Innovation


Analyzing your business to gain valuable insights.


Generating innovative concepts that prioritize user needs.


Developing strategies & designs that align with your objectives.


Creating prototypes and test for optimal results.

Implement & Evolve

Integrating & continuously evolving the solution based on changing needs.


Einat Hazan


Einat, the visionary founder of Uniqa, built four companies in New York City over the past two decades.


With a diverse background spanning international shipping, logistics, commercial productions & Projects, event design and specialized home decor, she has a proven track record of anticipating market trends and shifts in human behavior.

Returning to Israel, Einat contemplated her next venture and decided to combine her skills and experience from these diverse companies into one cohesive entity.


Uniqa was born as a company providing comprehensive creative growth services under one roof.

With her hands-on experience in marketing, branding, sales, and more, gained through full immersion in her NYC businesses, Einat deftly established Uniqa as an all-encompassing global creative growth hub.


Einat has consistently woven her entrepreneurial journey with her role as a parent, imparting her experiences and insights to her children. Fueled by her profound commitment to advancing education and cultivating young minds, she has founded the Uniqa Academy. This youth entrepreneurship program is designed to equip young individuals, ages 10-18, with entrepreneurial acumen and a mindset geared towards growing up to be the new generation of innovative leaders.


Through this initiative, Einat aims to empower the next generation with creative thinking tools and invaluable life skills.

Discover, Innovate, Succeed: Uniqa's Creative Journey

Deep Dive Discovery: Understanding Challenges and Opportunities


Discover the unique challenges and opportunities that your business faces. Through thorough research and interviews, we dive deep to grasp your goals, audience, and market dynamics. Get the insights you need to make informed decisions and move your business forward.

Empathy-Driven Ideation: Innovating by Understanding Customers

Step into your customers' perspective and feel what they feel. Our empathy-driven ideation process involves creative brainstorming and ideation, generating innovative concepts that focus on user needs and experiences. Let us help you create solutions that truly resonate with your target audience.

Concept Realization: Bringing Ideas to Life

Ideas are worthless without proper execution. We bring these concepts to life through carefully crafted strategies and designs. Our experts align these strategies with your brand and objectives, ensuring a seamless integration of your vision into reality.

Interactive Prototyping: Tangible Testing and Refinement

Interactive Prototyping: Tangible Testing and Refinement

Before full-scale implementation, we create prototypes or mock-ups that allow for tangible, interactive testing and refining. This critical step ensures that the final product or service meets and exceeds user expectations. Experience your solution firsthand before it goes live.

Iterative Refinement: Continuous Improvement

We believe in continuous improvement. Based on user feedback, data analysis, and real-world testing, we refine the solution, making adaptations and enhancements as necessary. We never settle for anything less than excellence, constantly driving your solution towards perfection.

Seamless Implementation: Guiding You to Success

With a thoroughly tested and optimized solution in hand, we guide you through a smooth implementation process. Our team ensures that the solution integrates seamlessly with your existing operations, minimizing disruptions and maximizing results.

Ongoing Support: Evolution for the Future


Our journey doesn't end with implementation. We provide ongoing support and analysis to ensure your solution continues to evolve in line with changing customer needs and market dynamics. Stay ahead of the curve and drive your success into the future with Uniqa's ongoing support.

Uniqa's process is a creative, customer-focused journey, where we understand, imagine, create, test, and refine until we arrive at the ideal solution that drives your success.



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