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Workshops and Talks Tailored for You

We're as passionate about sharing knowledge as we are about crafting brands.

Whether you're looking to enhance your team's skills through our workshops or seeking seasoned speakers for your next event, we're here to engage, inspire, and add a touch of humor to the learning experience.


Explore our range of topics or reach out directly; we're ready to share our insights and make a lasting impact. Let's connect, learn, and grow together!

Available in English / Hebrew

Beyond the Logo: The Art of Branding

Dive into the broader spectrum of branding with our lecture, "Beyond the Logo: Mastering the Essentials of Branding." Uncover the vital roles of marketing and storytelling in shaping your brand identity and ensuring consistency across all communication channels. Learn to understand your audience, maintain brand consistency, and build trust through authenticity. We'll analyze iconic logos, discuss both successful and failed rebranding efforts, and conclude with a real-life case study followed by a Q&A session.

Who is it for: This lecture is designed for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners eager to develop a strong and enduring brand identity. Suitable for both new ventures and those looking to rejuvenate an existing brand, it provides essential insights into crafting a comprehensive brand strategy.

What you will learn: Attendees will gain insights on how to effectively convey their brand’s story and values, align marketing efforts across various platforms, and connect deeply with their audience. This session will equip you with the knowledge to evaluate and enhance your branding practices, ensuring your brand effectively stands out in a competitive market.


Empowering Brand Champions:

Enhancing Your Company Through Employee Branding

Delve into the pivotal role of employee branding in shaping your company's success in this targeted lecture. Discover how to empower your employees to become brand champions, amplifying your company's values and mission from the inside out. We'll explore effective strategies for integrating branding into every aspect of the employee experience, from onboarding to daily operations, to create a cohesive and motivated workforce that drives brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Who is it for: Ideal for business leaders, HR managers, and team leaders who are keen to harness the power of employee branding. This lecture is crucial for those looking to enhance their company culture, improve employee retention, and boost overall brand perception by empowering their workforce.

What will you learn: Participants will learn how to effectively communicate their brand's identity and values through every facet of the employee experience. You'll gain insights into fostering a work environment where every employee feels connected to and responsible for the brand's success, enhancing customer interactions and overall corporate image. This session will equip you with the tools to create a strong internal brand that resonates across all external touchpoints.

Balancing Act: Thriving as a Career Woman and Mother

Join us in this empowering lecture where I share my personal journey as a career woman, entrepreneur, and mother of three. Discover the real-world strategies and sacrifices involved in maintaining a successful career while fully embracing motherhood. I'll explore how I balanced life’s demands at various stages of my children's lives, the compromises I made, and the non-negotiables I upheld. Learn practical steps to make every moment with your children meaningful, while seamlessly integrating your professional and personal lives.

Who is it for:

This lecture is perfect for women who aspire to excel in their careers without sacrificing their roles as mothers. Whether you're a new parent feeling overwhelmed, or a seasoned professional seeking a better balance, this talk will provide insights and inspiration to navigate your dual roles effectively.

What will you learn:

Discover strategies to manage a fulfilling career alongside a rich family life. Learn how to prioritize tasks, make significant moments count, and integrate work-life elements effectively. Gain insights into setting boundaries, delegating responsibilities, and finding joy in both your professional achievements and your role as a mother.


Crafting Unique Customer Experiences:

The Unbudgeted Key to Brand Success

Explore how customer experience (CX) can be the game-changer for your brand. We'll start by debunking the misconception that CX is all headaches and expenses and discuss why,


in reality, investing in CX leads to brand loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and ultimately increased revenue.


We'll analyze the financial perspective of CX, and why many businesses overlook it in their budgeting and explore the ROI of CX, along with hands-on budget analysis exercises.


The workshop delves into service design and its importance in CX, including mapping the customer journey and designing customer-centric systems. Design thinking is a human-centric approach to CX, where we build empathy, brainstorm, prototype, and test tangible solutions to CX problems.


We will discuss organizational blueprints for embedding CX in organizational DNA and cross-functional collaboration and provide hands-on feedback analysis and crisis simulation exercises. Finally, we'll explore how CX defines your brand and offer real budgeting for CX to guarantee its success.


Who is it for: This workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, and anyone interested in providing unique customer experiences. Whether you're starting a business or rethinking an existing one, this workshop is essential.

Creating Affordable Luxury:

Mastering the Art of High-End Branding on a Budget

Explore how to craft a luxury brand on a budget in our lecture, "Creating Affordable Luxury." Learn key strategies for allocating funds wisely, focusing on essential elements like sensory branding, elegant packaging, and strategic marketing to evoke luxury. This session covers how to deliver premium customer experiences and develop pricing strategies that convey exclusivity without significant investment.

Who is it for: Ideal for small business owners, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their brand's appeal. Perfect for those seeking practical insights on building a luxury perception while managing limited resources.

What you will learn: 

  • Defining a luxury brand identity with budget constraints.

  • Prioritizing investments in areas that significantly enhance luxury perception.

  • Creating impactful customer experiences and sophisticated packaging on a budget.

  • Setting premium pricing that reflects a luxurious image.


The Power of Storytelling: How Founders Shape Brand Perception

Explore the transformative role of a founder's narrative in today's technology-driven market with our lecture on strategic storytelling. Learn how personal stories and leadership vision can significantly influence customer loyalty, employee engagement, and investor interest. Discover the art of articulating your journey to not only inform but inspire and propel your brand, emphasizing authenticity across various media platforms.

Who is it for: This lecture is ideal for founders, CEOs, and marketing executives who aim to enhance their brand identity and deepen market engagement through effective storytelling.

What you will learn: Participants will learn how to craft and communicate a compelling narrative that aligns with their brand’s mission, enhancing brand identity and attracting stakeholders. You'll understand how to leverage various media platforms to share your story effectively and maintain its relevance and engagement over time, providing a foundational element for your brand's success and resilience in the evolving business landscape.

How to Create Captivating Presentations: Engage, Excite, Inspire

Unlock the secrets to captivating presentations with our transformative lecture. Learn how to create sessions that engage, excite, and inspire your audience, ensuring they stay attentive and involved. This session will guide you through incorporating effective personal branding, mastering storytelling, and utilizing visually appealing designs. Additionally, explore essential techniques for using your voice and body language to keep your audience engaged and ensure your message makes a lasting impact.

Who is it for:

Ideal for professionals in any sector, educators, and anyone aiming to boost their public speaking prowess. Designed for those who want to make their presentations stand out and resonate, this lecture is perfect for anyone eager to transform their communication skills and captivate their audience.

What will you learn:

Learn to infuse your presentations with unique flair, structure your content for maximum engagement, and craft stories that connect deeply with your audience. Discover design strategies that captivate, and master voice and physical presence to maintain interest and inspire your listeners from beginning to end.

Filtered Futures: The Evolving Impact of Social Media on Reality

Dive into the profound effects of social media on society with our thought-provoking lecture, "Filtered Futures." This talk explores how social media platforms distort our perception of reality, influence political landscapes, and tailor content consumption across different generations. Understand the mechanisms that create diverse "realities" and "truths" among people standing side by side, shaped by their unique media feeds. We'll also discuss the pivotal role of marketing in global politics and how strategic communication can contribute to peace and understanding worldwide.

Who is it for:

Ideal for marketers, policymakers, educators, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and society. This lecture is crucial for those who want to understand the complex dynamics of social media's influence on public opinion and its potential for both division and unity in the global landscape.

What will you learn:

Gain insights into how social media filters shape individual realities and influence collective perceptions. Learn about the strategic use of social media in shaping political agendas and the implications for global peace. Explore effective marketing strategies that can harness social media's power to foster understanding and collaboration across borders.

Collaborative Power:

Unlocking Growth through Strategic Partnerships

Explore the strategic potential of brand collaborations in our enlightening lecture on "Collaborative Power: Unlocking Growth through Strategic Partnerships." Discover how even the largest brands leverage partnerships to expand reach and innovate in their markets. We'll cover how to select the right partners, allocate budgets effectively, and execute partnerships flawlessly. Learn the secrets to successful collaborations, unlock synergies between brands, and propel your brand to new heights by harnessing the power of collaboration.

Who is it for: This lecture is designed for marketing professionals, brand managers, and business owners looking to deepen their understanding of brand collaborations. Ideal for those interested in leveraging influencer marketing or exploring partnerships with other brands, this lecture provides essential insights and tools to help make informed decisions and foster successful collaborations.

What you will learn: Participants will gain insights into the strategic planning and execution of brand partnerships. Learn to identify and select ideal collaborators, manage budgets effectively, and implement collaborations that enhance brand value and expand market reach. This session will equip you with the knowledge to harness the power of collaboration and transform partnerships into major success stories.


Steering Through Crisis: Effective Leadership in Challenging Times

Learn to lead your business effectively through crises in our comprehensive lecture, "Steering Through Crisis: Effective Leadership in Challenging Times." Drawing from real-life experience managing a global firm during Hurricane Sandy and the COVID-19 pandemic, this session provides vital strategies for minimizing losses and adapting swiftly. Discover how to stay calm, creative, and proactive through each phase of a crisis—from initial recognition to recovery and preparation for future challenges.

Who is it for:

Designed for business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs, this lecture is essential for anyone tasked with navigating a company through unpredictable times. It offers critical insights for those looking to fortify their crisis management skills and ensure their organization can thrive in the face of adversity.

What will you learn:

Uncover strategies to identify crises quickly, respond effectively, and manage team stress. Learn to implement innovative solutions, maintain business stability, and adapt to ongoing changes. This lecture equips you with the knowledge to prepare for future crises, enhancing your resilience and ensuring your business's longevity and success.



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