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Executive Vice President

Our first pop-up shop was in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. We had a tight deadline for opening night and the press room had to be ready on time!

A colleague from the fashion industry, who’d just finished a project with Einat in NYC, had strongly recommended her. Within days, Einat made our concept a reality. Working with her company was a delight: they were extremely professional and inventive in dealing with any concerns that arise, and especially with our tight deadlines.

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Parentheses of a quote by a client
Parentheses of a quote by a client


Career Coach

UNIQA built such creative, high-end branding for our company. We’ve gotten lots of compliments from our colleagues, which to me says it all. 

Working with Einat is fun, smooth, and professional. 


UNIQA has become my one-stop shop for all business  marketing needs. I highly recommend it.

Personal Chef

Thank you for helping me to build my personal chef business. Your creativity and consulting has helped me to create a successful brand. I loved the personal attention, and the marketing strategy that you created.

Parentheses of a quote by a client
Parentheses of a quote by a client


Sasha Cafe

UNIQA is the best decision I’ve made for my business.


We hired Einat to consult us, rebrand our business, and create branding and content for social media.

Einat and her team are all extremely professional, and it’s a delight learning from her extensive experience.

Her extraordinary understanding and vision has helped us to successfully rebrand, with advice that’s always on point and the highest standards out there.

Manor Gino

Makeup artist

Einat is a true visionary. As soon as I came in with my business idea, she already had such amazingly creative suggestions, and built us a unique plan.

Einat is a wonderful woman, with professionalism and experience that were evident at every step of our work together.

 Thank you for building me a wonderful brand, and for all your patience and support

Parentheses of a quote by a client



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