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Leopard Home: A Holistic Strategy for Unified Brand Voice

Leopard stands as a beacon in Israel's furniture landscape, boasting an extensive network of over 90 stores and two exclusive showrooms.


At Uniqa, we embraced the challenge of elevating Leopard's brand, starting with a holistic view to understand its core message and objectives. Our strategic journey involved crafting a comprehensive marketing and branding roadmap tailored to each facet of their business.

We meticulously designed a clear path forward, focusing on a cohesive image narrative, social media presence, and a website that marries stunning visuals with a seamless user experience.


Our innovative designer trade programs and special projects were aimed at enhancing revenue, while store designs were revamped to align with Leopard's distinct brand voice.


By integrating customer and employee experience strategies, generating engaging content, and fostering collaborations with influencers, we ensured every initiative resonated with the essence of Leopard, setting a new standard in the furniture retail space.

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Web Excellence Embodied: Leopard's Site Reimagined

For Leopard's e-commerce transformation, we embarked on a meticulous branding exploration, assimilating market insights to forge a robust marketing strategy.


Our goal? To deliver a digital space that radiates luxury, seamlessly mirroring the high-end branding vision we sculpted for Leopard.


Delving deep into service design, we crafted an intuitive user experience, ensuring every visual cue, copy nuance, and interactive element fostered community and spoke directly to the end-user.


Employing advanced AI technology, we elevated the browsing experience, offering personalized inspirations and solutions. This not only optimized the shopping journey but also bridged the sensory gap, enabling clients to virtually perceive fabric textures, vivid colors, and detailed product specifications.


Every digital touchpoint was curated to accentuate the brand's essence and ensure customer satisfaction.


Spotlight on Talent:

Elevating In-Store Experience

Through our incisive brand market research, we discerned a latent opportunity at Leopard home– the untapped design prowess of their associates.


Realizing that these skilled employees could be the bridge to an enhanced customer experience, we devised a tailored system allowing clients to easily schedule complimentary design consultations in-store.


By marrying these existing talents with our crafted branding strategy, we've not only empowered the associates but also cultivated a bespoke, attentive shopping environment.


This personalized touch not only fortifies customer trust and loyalty but also accentuates Leopard's brand value, making each interaction a testament to its luxury and exclusivity.

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Crafting Community:

The Designer Trade Program 

In our pursuit to optimize brand-client engagement, we strategized and launched Leopard's Designer Trade Program.


We acknowledged the immense potential of Leopard's elite designers, envisioning them not just as consumers but as brand ambassadors. Beyond the enticing tiered discounts, our focus was on knowledge-sharing and growth. Through expert-curated courses, invaluable industry speakers, and bespoke business tools, we aimed to empower these designers, positioning them as the torchbearers of Leopard's high-end branding journey.


The underlying message? With Leopard, designers are partners in a grander vision, reinforcing the brand's commitment to community and excellence.

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Revolutionizing Reads: Leopard's Digital Magazine

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Visual Symphony:

Bringing Brand Vision to Life

In the digital age, ensuring an intimate connection with products through online platforms is paramount.


Recognizing this, we crafted a series of high-definition visuals for Leopard. Through strategic use of social media, we offered clients immersive video content that delved deep into the intricacies of each product.


From capturing the tactile allure of fabrics to detailing the craftsmanship of a chair's construction, we bridged the virtual gap.


Our aim was straightforward yet profound: to allow clients to not just see, but truly envision and feel every nuance of Leopard's offerings, answering their unspoken questions and drawing them closer to the brand's ethos.



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