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Karina Pop-Up in New York: Bridging Art, Fashion, & Community

Karina, envisioned and brought to life by the talented Karin Laufer, stands as a testament to the power of uniting women through the immersive worlds of art, fashion, design, and community events.


This unique brand fosters connection and inspiration, creating spaces where creativity and style converge.


When Karina approached us, they sought to translate their ethos of unity and design into a tangible experience, culminating in their inaugural pop-up event in the heart of New York.


Our task was to encapsulate the essence of Karina, ensuring every element of the event resonated with their core values and aesthetic.


From Concept to Reality: Designing Karina’s Pop-Up Stores

Our journey with Karina took a tangible form as Uniqa meticulously designed and constructed 20 pop-up stores for the event.


We connected with Korina's top Israeli designers in fashion and jewelry, creating a space that showcased their talents while aligning with Karina's branding.


Every detail, from lighting to building pop up store spaces for each designer, was thoughtfully orchestrated to create a cohesive and branded experience. Our innovative approach to design and budgeting showcased our ability to deliver exceptional brand experiences while optimizing costs.


Celebrating Creativity: The Impact of Karina’s Pop-Up Event

The success of our collaborative journey with Karina unfolded into a multicultural celebration of fashion and art, captivating the hearts of all attendees.


With a profound understanding of Karina’s brand essence, we meticulously curated an event that embraced diversity and showcased a harmonic blend of styles. Guests were immersed in an atmosphere where every detail was a testament to Karina’s unique identity and our unwavering commitment to excellence.


Our innovative and creative approach not only ensured a cost-effective execution but also a flawless implementation of every aspect of the event.





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