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Unleashing Creativity:

Leopard's Exclusive Art Collection

At Uniqa, we thrive on innovation and brand enhancement, leading us to embark on a transformative journey with Leopard Home.


We identified an opportunity to leverage Leopard's Home existing resources and channel into creating a unique and diverse art line, enriching the brand's portfolio while ensuring minimal financial investment.


As passionate artists, our vision was clear: collaborate with renowned artists and materialize our creative aspirations. We meticulously curated an art collection in collaboration with Heli Roz, encompassing three distinct price tiers, ensuring accessibility for every budget. From the exquisite and exclusive line, to our signature brand collection, and finally, the affordable, smaller art pieces perfect for on-the-go selections, we ensured each piece resonated with Leopard Home's ethos and aesthetic.


This strategic expansion not only elevated the brand’s value but also cemented its position as a pioneer in blending home décor with artistic expression.

Digital Artistry:

Shaping Online Experience 

In creating Leopard’s distinctive art line by collaborating with the great artist Heli Roz, we focused on a meticulous selection of colors and shapes, ensuring a harmonious blend that appeals to various home styles and maintains a unique artistic identity.


Our art direction was precise, aiming to offer versatility while standing out. When it came to the online presentation, every detail was considered. We provided close-up views, room settings, size options, and texture descriptions, all designed to give clients comprehensive insights to make informed choices.


Parallelly, we embarked on developing an AI tool, intending to revolutionize the shopping experience by allowing clients to visualize the art in their own spaces, ensuring the perfect match for their homes.

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Crafting a Visionary User Experience for Art in Your Space


Packaging Perfection:

Tailoring Aesthetic Experience

Our service design extended to the packaging, where we ensured that the unboxing experience was as delightful as the artwork itself, solidifying the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail.

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Uniqa Holistic Approach to Designing Leopard Art

In our comprehensive journey with Leopard Art & Heli Roz, we embraced a holistic approach, ensuring every aspect of the brand resonated with elegance and innovation.


Leveraging our branding expertise, we meticulously developed a unique art line, infusing the brand's identity into each piece, creating a visual symphony that speaks to diverse tastes and settings.


Our strategic positioning and thoughtful design thinking paved the way for an intuitive online experience, providing customers with all the necessary details to make informed purchases. 


Through our organizational blueprint and customer-centric communication, we successfully translated Leopard Art’s vision into a tangible reality, setting a new standard in the art retail space and fostering a deep connection between the brand and its clientele.



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