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Cultivating Community Connection:

Uniqa’s Local Platforms Initiative

In a heartfelt initiative by our founder, Einat, Uniqa stepped up during the uncertain times of COVID-19, aiming to knit the community closer together.


After relocating back to Israel after 22 years in NY/NJ, Einat recognized the need for a centralized platform that captured the essence of local neighborhoods, facilitating easier transitions for families like hers.


This vision came to life through the creation of vibrant community websites for Neve Zemer, Kfar Saba Hayeruka & Lev Hapark in Raanana.


These platforms serve as a digital town square, where residents can connect, share, and support each other, encompassing everything from local events and real estate listings to marketplaces for second-hand items and babysitting services. The design reflects the community spirit, with bright, colorful, and joyful visuals, ensuring a welcoming digital space for all.


Uniqa's Commitment to Community:

Crafting Vibrant Neighborhood Hubs

Our meticulously designed platforms act as central hubs for the community, seamlessly integrating local events, real estate opportunities, a vibrant marketplace for second-hand goods, and essential babysitting resources.


The branding vividly brings to life these diverse features, crafting a digital space that truly encapsulates and celebrates the community spirit.

By establishing these platforms, we've not only provided invaluable tools for community support and connection but also opened doors for local businesses to thrive.


Our comprehensive approach ensures every aspect of community life is covered, contributing to the overall vibrancy and prosperity of the neighborhoods.


We take pride in our role in fostering these connections and resources, all with the ultimate goal of seeing our communities flourish and thrive

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