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Cultivating a Foundation of Trust through Comprehensive Branding Strategy

In rebranding Hadasim, an esteemed insurance and wealth firm, we at Uniqa delved deep to construct a brand persona synonymous with trust and reliability.


Acknowledging the critical nature of their services, we opted for a natural color palette, instilling a sense of calm and assurance. The logo, a robust tree with deep roots, symbolizes stability and growth, assuring clients that their financial well-being is in secure hands.


We incorporated imagery of diverse happy people in our branding materials, ensuring every client sees a reflection of themselves and feels a personal connection.


This meticulous crafting of brand elements serves as the cornerstone of our strategy, creating a visual language that speaks volumes about Hadasim’s commitment to their clients' financial security and prosperity.

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Visual Storytelling & Strategic Marketing: Amplifying Hadasim’s Client-Centric Approach

Transitioning from branding to marketing strategy, we turned our focus to articulating Hadasim’s unique value proposition through compelling visuals and targeted messaging.


We recognized the power of visual storytelling in conveying complex concepts, thus, we created relatable and engaging content for each of the services offered by Hadasim.


Our approach was to craft a narrative that resonates, highlighting how their services are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of their clients.


Through a blend of thoughtful advertising, promotional banners, and a well-orchestrated marketing plan, we aimed to not only attract potential clients but also to foster a deep understanding of Hadasim’s expertise and dedication to their financial well-being.


Direct and Transparent Communication: Revolutionizing Client Engagement on Social Media

Our strategy for Hadasim’s social media presence was grounded in transparency and direct communication.


We encouraged our client to embrace the tough questions and common concerns of their customers, compiling a comprehensive list of real-world issues.


Armed with this insight, Uniqa created a series of social media content that addressed each query and contemplation head-on. This proactive approach demystified the insurance and wealth management process, fostering a sense of trust and openness, and ultimately streamlining the customer journey and closing process.

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Merging Intuitive Design with Strategic Branding on Hadasim’s Website

In designing Hadasim’s website, we meticulously curated a user-centric experience, ensuring every visual and interactive element resonates with their brand identity and values.


We prioritized a clean, intuitive design, facilitating seamless navigation for users seeking insurance and wealth management solutions.

Leveraging our expertise in branding and design, we crafted a digital platform that communicates trust and professionalism. Strategic use of natural color palettes and imagery reinforced Hadasim’s commitment to client security and well-being. Additionally, we integrated user-friendly features and clear, concise content, enhancing the overall user experience.

Our approach was holistic, considering every aspect of the user journey, from initial interaction to information retrieval and contact initiation. The result is a website that not only aligns with Hadasim’s strategic branding but also offers an engaging, informative experience for every visitor.




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