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Global Reach, Personal Touch: Revolutionizing NY Shipping

Our founder, Einat Hazan, set her entrepreneurial roots as the owner and CEO of NY Shipping & NY Moving Group, an international shipping enterprise in NYC. Over 14 years, she crafted a multifaceted strategy that wove together business development, marketing, branding, customer experience, and a host of transformative projects. 


Catering to a diverse clientele spread both nationwide and worldwide, we recognized the intricacy of the project at hand.


Our approach was strategic and heartfelt; we delved deep into the core of the brand, striving to project an image of unwavering personal care and trust.


We understood that the true value of shipment lies beyond monetary worth—it's about the sentimental connection and the assurance that every shipment is handled with utmost care.


Through a meticulous blend of branding, marketing, Technology and tailored messaging, we sculpted a brand narrative that reassures clients, letting them know they've made the right choice.


The message was clear, NY Shipping isn't just about relocating your items; it's about moving lives, one shipment at a time


Empowering NY Shipping's Team:

A Focus on Employee Growth 

Recognizing the crucial role of a motivated workforce in the intricate domain of international shipping, we at Uniqa developed a comprehensive personal growth program for NY Shipping.


Tailoring responsibilities to individual strengths and offering career progression opportunities, we cultivated a vibrant and inclusive work environment.


This strategic approach not only elevated the team's skills but also strengthened NY Shipping's standing as a reliable leader in the global shipping arena, showcasing our commitment to employer branding and creative business growth.


NYC Streets Brightened:

The Vibrant Transformation of NY Shipping's Fleet

In reimagining NY Shipping's fleet branding, our creative vision was clear: design a truck that’s impossible to ignore, even in the bustling heart of New York City.


We embraced the challenge, aiming to infuse joy and visibility into every aspect of the truck’s design. Straying from conventional designs and generic "moving" slogans, we opted for a radiant yellow palette complemented by dynamic icons that encapsulate the essence of NY Shipping's services.


This strategic branding move ensured that whether passing by a crowded street or a movie set, our trucks command attention, transforming each transit into a mobile billboard and an opportunity for spontaneous joy.


The end result? A fleet that not only turns heads but also leaves a lasting impression of happiness and vibrancy, perfectly aligning with our innovative branding strategy.


Effortless Navigation:

NY Shipping Gateway to the World

Taking on the challenge of developing NY Shipping’s extensive website, we embraced our vibrant branding strategy to ensure a seamless and informative user experience.


Understanding the complexity of international shipping, our objective was clear: equip clients with all the necessary information for their intricate shipments while ensuring consistent communication with customer service.

We integrated features for real-time shipment tracking, comprehensive guides on various destination countries, and instant access to customer support. Every page of the website was meticulously designed to offer a quick quote option, streamlining the process for potential clients and enhancing user engagement.

Behind the scenes, we engineered custom CRM systems to manage the intricacies of rate handling, client information, and shipment tracking, ensuring that every quote and client interaction was captured and managed efficiently.


Additionally, we implemented a robust content strategy, crafting numerous articles and establishing a PR plan aimed at elevating the brand's presence and driving website traffic.


Holistic Strategies leading to Tangible Growth

Our holistic approach, grounded in our expertise in creative business growth, ensured that every aspect of the website not only adhered to our branding strategy but also contributed to the overarching goal of brand expansion and customer satisfaction.



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