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Commercial Production Styling

Designing a Visual Story:

Styling You Underwear Photoshoot 

When "You Underwear," a renowned intimate brand celebrated in both Israel and the USA, approached Uniqa, they sought to create a visual representation that resonated with real women of all body types.


Our task was to delve deep into the brand’s ethos and conceptualize photoshoots that would authentically reflect the diversity and beauty of their clientele.


Through careful selection and styling of accessories, we meticulously designed each product shoot, ensuring that the brand’s narrative was consistently communicated across catalogs and social media platforms.


Our intention was to create visuals that not only showcased the products but also celebrated the unique beauty of every woman, making "You Underwear" a brand that truly stands for inclusivity and self-love.


Bringing the Brand to Life

through Inclusive Visuals

In our journey with "You Underwear," we placed a strong emphasis on understanding their potential client and the core values that the brand embodies.


This understanding guided us in creating a visual language that was both authentic and empowering, ensuring that every piece of content spoke directly to the brand’s diverse audience.


Every detail was considered and executed with precision, resulting in a compelling visual story that highlights the brand’s commitment to realness and inclusivity.


Through these thoughtfully curated photoshoots, we helped "You Underwear" not only showcase their products but also strengthen their connection with their audience, affirming their position as a brand designed for every woman.



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