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Branding . Visual Identity . Brand Experience 

Transforming Travel:

Designing Unforgettable New York Journeys with Kontent

Kontent stands out in the crowded travel industry by offering bespoke, high-end trips specifically tailored for women with a passion for fashion, art, food, and design.


At Uniqa, we took on the challenge of encapsulating this unique offering through comprehensive branding and experiential design.


By delving deep into the essence of New York City's culture, we meticulously crafted a series of custom-planned trips, ensuring each day unravels a story known only to the true connoisseurs of the city.


From intimate art exhibitions to cutting-edge culinary adventures, our designs provided a seamless and enriching experience, aimed at making every client feel truly special and immersed in the heart of NYC's vibrant culture.


Defining Visual Identity:

Crafting a Look and Feel for

Luxury Exploration

Our journey with Kontent went beyond traditional branding; it was about creating a visual and experiential narrative that resonates with the sophisticated tastes of their clientele.


We carefully curated the brand's visual identity, selecting colors, fonts, and design elements that reflect the exclusivity and luxury of the Kontent experience.


The logo and banners were crafted to exude elegance, while our comprehensive brand book ensured consistency across all customer touchpoints.


By aligning the visual identity with the unique experiences offered by Kontent, we helped establish a strong brand presence that appeals directly to the discerning traveler.


Curating Content & Connections: The Heart of the Kontent Lux Travel Experience

Our work with Kontent extended into designing not just the brand, but the very fabric of the experience itself.


We played a pivotal role in conceptualizing the trip, ensuring that every detail contributes to a unique and memorable journey. 


From custom-designed products to carefully planned encounters with New York's industry leaders, we left no stone unturned in our quest to provide an unparalleled experience.


Our innovative approach to branding and experience design has positioned Kontent as the go-to brand for women seeking a genuine, insider's experience of New York City, establishing a lasting connection between the brand and its clientele.




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