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Branding . Visual Identity . Brand Experience . Product Design . Innovative Transformation . Commercial Production

Visual Storytelling:

Bringing Manor’s Brand to Life

We orchestrated a comprehensive photoshoot, bringing together a diverse cast of models, each styled to perfection, showcasing the versatility and artistry of Manor’s makeup skills.


The set was designed to complement the luxurious feel of the brand, ensuring that every photo and video captured was a testament to Manor’s mastery in makeup artistry.


These visual assets became the cornerstone of our promotional efforts, breathing life into ads and social media content, and providing a glimpse into the world of Manor - a world where beauty is art, and everyone is welcome.


Developing Manor's Signature Style: A Luxurious Branding Expedition

Uniqa played a pivotal role in evolving Manor, a skilled makeup artist, into a brand that radiates luxury and sophistication.


Our mission was to encapsulate her artistry and vision into a cohesive brand identity, starting with the creation of an iconic logo designed as a signature, seamlessly blending fashion with a touch of personal flair.


The color palette was meticulously chosen to reflect the brand’s luxurious nature, featuring gold embossing against a rich dark green backdrop, exuding elegance on special paper materials.


This visual symphony extended to the brand book, where every element, from typography to imagery, was curated to perfection. Manor’s brand was not just about makeup; it was a statement, a promise of quality, and an invitation to join her in the artistry of beauty and teaching.


Digital Elegance:

Unifying Manor’s Brand Across Platforms

With a solid visual identity and a treasure trove of stunning visual content, Uniqa’s next challenge was weaving Manor’s brand story across various digital platforms.


Our web designers crafted a website that is not just a platform, but a journey through Manor’s artistic world, ensuring seamless navigation and aesthetic consistency. The luxurious color palette and visual elements from the brand book were intricately integrated, providing a cohesive user experience.


Simultaneously, our team ensured that Manor’s presence on social media and mobile sites was just as captivating and true to the brand, creating a unified digital footprint.


Through careful planning and creative execution, we ensured that every touchpoint, from website to social media, was a reflection of Manor’s brand, creating a digital experience as elegant and artful as her makeup artistry.




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