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UNIQA is a creative business solutions agency. 
We help our clients to build unique brands that drive GROWTH

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Branding is more than you might think. It’s more than a great color palette or logo. Good branding consists of a well-planned marketing strategy that gives your brand personality.

Maintaining a successful brand and creating growth means keeping a close eye on market trends. Research and new strategies are a must to expand business and keep up-to-date.

Let's get personal

I've spent the past 22 years living in the hustle and bustle of NYC, founding and leading five companies in different fields. From international shipping to web design, local relocation to events production and even home decor, I've always been on a mission to bring brand visions to life.


But as I set out on my next adventure, I realized something about myself: I'm a creator, a visionary, and a people-person who's passionate about finding the true purpose of brands and bringing all their needs under one roof - and that's where UNIQA comes in!


We're a A one-stop global business growth agency for all your marketing and business development needs, specializing in connecting humans and finding your unique brand voice. 


And here's the best part: we don't do stuffy suits or boring pitches - just good vibes and creative ideas.


So, what's your story? I always feel chatty, try me.


Don't believe everything you read

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