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Create Timeless



UNIQA is a global creative growth agency.
We empower Brands with Innovative Strategies, Creative Design & Dynamic Solutions

Uniqa specializes in transforming ideas into exceptional brands.


We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from developing your brand's strategy and identity to creating a compelling visual and customer experience.


Our team is dedicated to ensuring your brand communicates effectively, stands out in the market, and resonates with your target audience.


We pride ourselves on our ability to bring clarity and creativity to every project, resulting in a brand that truly reflects your vision and values.

We’re all about bringing fabulous brands to life, and we’ve got a feeling you could be our next big thing! Whether you’re just starting out, shaking things up in your company, or you’ve got this super cool idea brewing, we’re here for it.



We have to admit that we have got a soft spot for anything and everything in the culinary, art, product, beauty, fashion, design.. oh well, you get the gist.


Basically, if it’s fun, fabulous, and a bit out there, we are SO in!

But hey, any idea that gets us jumping out of bed in the morning is a total win in our books.


So, are you ready to elevate your brand and create something unforgettable?

if so, Let’s chat, dream big, and make your vision the next big talk of the town.


Your success story starts now!

Ready to Be Our Next Success Story?

We've been busy creating . . . take a look

Crafting a Vibrant Experience:  Il Makiage Pop-Up Store
Branding Deep Dive:  Discovering Beau Brummell's Voice
Leopard Home: A Holistic Strategy for Unified Brand Voice
Unleashing Creativity:  Leopard's Exclusive Art Collection
Global Reach, Personal Touch: Revolutionizing NY Shipping
From Concept to Interface: Shaping Glow App’s Visual &  User Experience
Cultivating a Foundation of Trust through Comprehensive Branding Strategy
A Symbiosis of Luxury and Simplicity in Brand Strategy
Hong Kong Elegance:  A Visual Symphony for Alera
Culinary Excellence Personified:  Showcasing Chef Bucky’s Artistry and Vision
Developing Manor's Signature Style: A Luxurious Branding Expedition
Empowering Future Leaders:  Uniqa's Youth Entrepreneur  Program
Karina Pop-Up in New York: Bridging Art, Fashion, & Community
Creating Sasha Cafe’s Unique Voice and Visuals
Designing a Visual Story:  Styling You Underwear Photoshoot
Transforming Travel:  Designing Unforgettable New York Journeys with Kontent
Steering Professional Journeys with a Unified Brand Presence and Expert Guidance
Cultivating Community Connection:  Uniqa’s Local Platforms Initiative
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