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Branding . Naming & messaging , Visual Identity . Brand Experience . Product Design . Innovative Transformation

Steering Professional Journeys with a Unified Brand Presence and Expert Guidance

We embarked on a transformative journey with Orna Shkalim, meticulously developing a branding strategy that reflects her expertise in employment coaching.


Our exploration into market research and trend analysis culminated in a brand identity that exudes authenticity and empowerment.


Our creative team crafted a striking visual identity, carefully selecting colors and designing a logo that encapsulates Orna’s professional ethos.


This cohesive look and feel was consistently applied across all platforms, ensuring a unified brand message. Through a carefully styled photoshoot, we generated compelling content to bolster a robust marketing strategy, with a particular focus on maximizing social media engagement.


From Branding to Browsing: Developing a Cohesive Online Experience

We took significant steps to transform Orna Shkalim’s online presence, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with her brand's newly established identity.


Our design team focused on creating an intuitive user experience on her website, with a clean layout and easy navigation to facilitate user engagement.


We implemented a strategic design for sections where users can explore job opportunities, immerse themselves in insightful blog posts, and gather valuable career tips directly from Orna.


By integrating these elements, we have not only solidified her online brand presence but also created a platform that truly serves and resonates with her audience, fostering a sense of community and support.




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